Shrub’s Big Weekend

Well, the G-7 is meeting in DC with shrub and the rest of the cops. The G-7 are ministers from the US, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Britain and……….Italy? Are you kidding me. How did they get in there? While the world is holding their breath, they are putting out announcements that they will do what’sContinue reading “Shrub’s Big Weekend”

Meet Professor Daly

Professor Herman Daly is a well known economist who wrote a recent post on dealing with among other things steady state economics, a concept of real wealth and the unfolding disaster in our financial system. He is a former senior economist at the World Bank and he wrote a seminal book on the emergingContinue reading “Meet Professor Daly”

Depression thoughts

Today a veritable mushroom field has sprung up using the debt to GDP figures I noticed several weeks ago that compelled yesterdays post. There is a an excellent article by James Quinn on the seekingalpha investment website which lays it out far better than I did and he gives detailed historical perspective to the problemContinue reading “Depression thoughts”

A comment to a recent financial blog

I have decided to change the format of my original blog to include articles of opinion on current economic and social problems facing us in this 21st century. If there are any readers, I will have to warn them that this current site is not organized around that concept now and I will try toContinue reading “A comment to a recent financial blog”