Book Review

  I include this book review which I posted on Amazon because it deals with the American Industrial Revolution which was fostered by the American Energy Revolution. This review is  of Robert Gordon’s new book entitled: “The Rise and Fall of American Growth: The U.S. Standard of Living since the Civil War”(The Princeton Economic HistoryContinue reading “Book Review”

The End of the Oil Age?

    It is impossible for and unsophisticated observer to understand the dynamics of what is going on in the petroleum market and extremely difficult for a sophisticated observer to follow the trends in supply/demand given the sheer number of voices reporting their opinions. In this post I want to announce a stunning new opinionContinue reading “The End of the Oil Age?”

Cal 48 For sale: Narrative history of her refit and travels.

Narrative history of our Cal 48 KOHO Well the day has finally arrived to pass on our beloved Koho to someone who will take care of her. We purchased KOHO in Tampa in 1998, trucked her to Portland OR where we worked on her and then to Pocatello ID to  continue work on her andContinue reading “Cal 48 For sale: Narrative history of her refit and travels.”

Carbon Gigaton explosion

I have previously posted Frank Landis’ work in a book entitled Hot Earth Dreams that I reviewed here and this report from a prominent peer reviewed geoscience journal was a stunner if their methodology is to be believed. I reproduce the March 21 2016 article in the British paper the Guardian in its entirety:  Continue reading “Carbon Gigaton explosion”

Book Review of The English Spy

This is my first Daniel Silva Novel. It is apparently the 11th or 12th novel in the Gabriel Allon series, an Israeli intelligence operative/assasin). The book begins with an explosion aboard a charter yacht in the Caribbean which kills a divorced English princess(read: Princess Di). The perp, Eamon Quinn, a master bomb maker formerly ofContinue reading “Book Review of The English Spy”

Dispatches from Frackbubble Wyoming

Welcome to my world, Frackhole, Wyoming. If you’re wondering what the roads out here in the West look like, have a gander at this scenic vista of oil and gas trucks as far as the eye can see. Of course there have been many days when the eye can’t see very far because of theseContinue reading “Dispatches from Frackbubble Wyoming”