Book Review of The Story of More by Hope Jahren

It has been a while since my last blog post in this second decade of the 21st century. We have all been occupied with the Covid 19 virus and finding time to read anything besides escapist literature has been difficult along with trying to keep a little subsistence farm afloat but winter has hit theContinue reading “Book Review of The Story of More by Hope Jahren”

Coronaville: Good news and bad news

This Corolla Virus thing is starting to hit close to home. John Prine died yesterday and I can think of a lot of people I would like that virus to set up housekeeping inside besides John Prine.  John wrote some poignant and funny songs and very little these days is funny and poignant. We areContinue reading “Coronaville: Good news and bad news”

Farming and the Collapse of Complex Societies

              Meanwhile down on the farm………….I will try to do a little farm blogging as time permits. Last week was not a good one as we lost 2 lambs to Clostridium Perfringens, a killer of lambs who aren’t vaccinated. Clostridium lives in the soil. One variety causes Tetanus as well as food poisoning.. WeContinue reading “Farming and the Collapse of Complex Societies”

Covid -19 Community Preparedness

Covid-19 : Supply Chains and Disaster  Preparedness. We here in Jackson Hole are way past starting a discussion on instituting disaster preparedness for the upcoming Corona Virus which is likely to pay us an unwelcome visit this year. I have discussed supply chains and how they impact life here in my blogs and in previousContinue reading “Covid -19 Community Preparedness”

The Plastic Problem

  In previous posts I have covered decarbonization of energy and it is high time to continue to look at the  complex interconnected global industrial system focusing on one of its dominant components: Plastics. It is past time to cover Dematerialization of plastics.       Who can forget the key line of the 1967 movie TheContinue reading “The Plastic Problem”

Growth is the Cause of Global Climate Change

  It is time to get serious about Global Climate Change by looking at the root cause: GROWTH. Global climate change/Warming has been the focus of world wide demonstrations primarily by the youth kickstarted by Times’s person of the year, sixteen year old Gretta Thunberg.  Children like Gretta will inherit this mess. Most adults don’tContinue reading “Growth is the Cause of Global Climate Change”